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CyberYoga: Lamonte “Tales” Goode

By: Isoji Brand

ISOJI is for the adventure seekers and athletes alike. It’s not about staying in one place, but evolving and growing to be better than yesterday. This week, we sat down…


Live To Inspire

By: Isoji Brand

From the Masai Mara to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, the wildlife and community of people never ceased to amaze! ISOJI’s founders spent some time in Africa December 2016, sharing their love…

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ISOJI is an active lifestyle & sportswear company with worldwide conservation efforts in mind. For those of us who strive to make a difference in the world around us – ISOJI is a movement that embodies the spirit of active living, worldwide exploration, and philanthropic conservation.

ISOJI is built on the foundation of charitable contribution, reducing our carbon footprint, and working towards a better tomorrow. Inspired by the different ecosystems these animal species call home, 10% of net profits are donated towards wildlife habitat restoration projects worldwide.

We believe in leading by example. ISOJI vows to stay green with our day to day operations, responsible sourcing, and implementing environmentally friendly alternatives. At ISOJI, it is deeply rooted to be actively participating in what we stand for.

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