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The growing demand for the rhino horn has been the main reason for ruthless poaching of the rhino species.

Since 2007, there has been a growth of over 9000% in rhino deaths in South Africa alone! The reason for this senseless killing is mostly due to a status symbol for the horn owner and the old world belief that rhino horn has magical medicinal properties in certain cultures across the world. Contrary to this faulted belief, the horn of a rhino is actually made of keratin – the same stuff hair and nails are made out of. There is no scientific evidence which supports any medicinal claims. If rhino poaching continues, it is likely the wild rhino population will be extinct by the year 2020.

ISOJI & TIA Volunteers
Isoji - Rhino and Baby Corssing Road (Nicolas Rio)
ISOJI & TIA Volunteers

The International Rhino Foundation (IRF) is a leading non-profit organization who has been crucial in contributing to the survival of a dwindling species. The IRF operates on-the-ground programs in areas where rhinos live in the wild. As part of ISOJI’s corporate responsibility, we are proud to announce that we are official corporate partners with this amazing organization.

For nearly 25 years, the IRF has protected rhinos and their habitats in regions where they are in most need of attention.  With many non-profits pocketing a large amount of cash into their own pockets, the International Rhino Foundation allows for full transparency and publishes their fund allocation

to the public. In 2014, 93% of revenues went directly to conservation programs that benefit all five rhino species in Africa and Asia.

IRF Revenue

  • Zoos
  • Government Grants
  • Individuals
  • Foundations & Non Profits
  • Corporations

IRF Expenses

  • Administration and Fundraising
  • African Rhino Conservation
  • Indian Rhino Conservation
  • Sumatran & Javan Rhino Conservation
  • Conservation Research
  • Technical Advisors

To learn more about why ISOJI is donating to The International Rhino Foundation, please visit

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