ISOJI is for the adventure seekers and athletes alike. It’s not about staying in one place, but evolving and growing to be better than yesterday. This week, we sat down with Lamonte “Tales” Goode, to learn how he brings his body, mind, soul, and spirit into balance through practicing Yoga. Strive for Balance.

Tell us a bit about yourself and Cyberyoga?

CyberYoga is a fusion active spiritual practice that teaches online. I have been breaking 20 years now. Before CyberYoga, I was only working on moves and my flexibility was limited and because of this, I was always injured. So my friend introduced me to Yoga… I felt like Yoga helped me to be discipline in honoring my mind, body, and spirit.

C – Calisthenics

Y – Yoga

B – Breaking

E – Evolution

R- Revolution

How and why did you start yoga?

Owner, Richard Freeman, inspired me to get into Yoga. During the time, flexibility was a huge thing back then. It gave me peace and clarity.

Tell us about your practice style and how did you choose your yoga method?

My Practice style would be getting up in the morning and practice Yoga for an hour. During the day, I would practice acrobatics and breaking (Breakdancing). Before I sleep, I practice Yoga again because I wanted more results so I would have to double up the practice. Thanks to this method, I am more flexible than I have ever been!


What obstacles has yoga help you overcome?

Yoga has helped me overcome flexibility; being patient in practice and in life. I am able to gain an understanding of the movements and relationships.

What is your mindset when you step onto the mat and how has this influenced your life outside of the studio?

My mindset is to recharge my mind, body, and spirit for the day. Basically, my medicine and relaxation. It has influenced me to refine my focus and spirituality.

If you could give one piece of advice to your followers and practicing yogis, what would that be?

My advice to all my followers and practicing yogis would be to embrace the journey. It isn’t always about the destination, but the Journey .

Your favorite quote and why?

“Always a Student and Never a Master.” Because I believe I am always a student in life and always learning  something new. The moment you call yourself a master, you do not evolve anymore.


Lamonte is a huge inspiration to us at ISOJI. His style of approach in his practice of yoga, sums up our belief in striving for balance. Thank you for chatting with us! – ISOJI Team