Erin Sullivan is a outdoor lifestyle blogger based in Colorado.  Erin was not always an avid traveler.  She began her journey at 19 years old, traveling and leading teen adventure programs in nine different countries and has been traveling ever since!

We managed to squeeze an interview with Erin before her latest journey to the Pacific North West to discuss her adventures…

Erin Sullivan, @Erinoutdoors /// Moment captured by @alisonvagnini

Tell us a little about yourself & whats your name on IG?

My name is Erin. I’m @erinoutdoors and

I started a blog about a year and a half ago just because I wanted to talk about things that were important to me and my experiences in travel. I wanted to come up with a sticky catchy name so Erin Outdoors was a good one that popped into my head.

I launched my blog not really thinking anyone but my mom and I would ever read it but now it’s become fairly sizable so –  people do read it which is cool.  Basically my mission and my vision is just to always write about living deliberately and with purpose.  i consider myself more of a personal development writer and story teller rather than just somebody who goes outside and travels. I kind of use the outdoors and travel as kind of a way to talk about the nitty gritty of life and what matters.

What influenced you to begin exploring nature and the world around you?

I think what it was was this innate sense of curiosity that I had about the world and about my own abilities and challenging what I knew to be true living in the suburbs of Connecticut.  I think overall what sparked it ultimately and what lit the fire was that curiosity and that challenge and travel just happened to be the medium I chose.

What is it about the great outdoors you enjoy the most?

I think its such a reminder of how small we are and how lucky we are to be here.  Nature, being outside,  travel and really anything that informs you of the grand size of this planet that we live on is so humbling and so important.  It is such an important reminder that, “Oh yeah I am so small and my time here is so short that I better make it matter.  What is the legacy that I want to leave?”

What has been your most memorable trip and why?

There all memorable for different reasons but I think my most recent trip, my solo road trip to California because it helped me get closer to my purpose. I’m 26 and I’ve been learning about myself for 26 years and I feel like it takes a lot of self worth to get to where I want to be. I think I did a lot of things that I was scared of and I was able to legitimately be proud of myself and able to come back to my world with fresh eyes.  That being said, it was not a favorite trip, but it was the most memorable.

What are 3 essential items you pack on your trips that you can’t do without?

The first thing that comes to mind is definitely a journal. That’s like the one thing that’s always in my bag. I literally write every day because that is the way I process everything. I think if we’re getting down to the things that i really need then camera and a phone because for me i need to have my phone to keep in contact with people at home and social media is a big part of what I’m doing lately.  Camera because I really enjoy documenting my experiences visually as well as writing them so that’s definitely key!

There are definitely challenges on being able to go on so many outdoor trips. What are your greatest challenges and how did you overcome it?

I feel like a lot of times people think the biggest challenge is going to be money but if you have frugal and have common sense, money does not have to be the biggest issue. For me, I think the biggest challenge for me is anxiety.  I struggle with anxiety and that shows up a lot for me especially when I’m by myself. So I think if you can make a plan for success you can overcome it.  For me, a way to combat that is that I frequency call friends and family, I always tell people where I am and I always make time to meet people in between. When I do want to have alone time, I do indulge in that because I feel like alone time is very important. I think the main key with any issues like anxiety or anything emotionally based would be checking in with yourself and then doing the research before you go anywhere.

Do you have a favorite quote that summarizes your view on nature and the beauty of exploration?

One of my favorite quotes is “Courage, is Grace Under Pressure” by Ernest Hemingway

That’s important to me because I think there is a lot of emphasis placed on “the hustle” and I just think that running on a hamster wheel is just not a way to live your life.  I think theres a way to get stuff done without the hustle.  You’re gonna fail obviously, everybody does. But you’re gonna learn and you’re gonna get up and move on.

If you could give your readers one piece of advice, what would that be?

You get one life to do one thing, so do it big and stop making excuses for yourself.  You are the only person in every scene of your life and get to know that person really well and do it.

Erin is a huge inspiration for us at ISOJI. She made the decision and followed her purpose in traveling and seeing the world a little bit at time. Thank you for taking the time to have a chat with us! Be on the look out for more of her adventures!