Whether it is to better yourself physically, mentally, or spiritually – ISOJI is the awakening within yourself to be more. We are all organic beings, and growth is something inherent to nature and living things. Every day, we discover little bits of information on ways to improve ourselves. The one thing we all have in common may be the follow through. ISOJI is a commitment to ourselves that we will be better than yesterday, every day.

This Week: Recover

Fitness and active living is an integral part of what we stand for here at ISOJI. A healthier way of life allows us to see more and do more. Volunteering and exploring what nature has to offer in Africa and many parts of the world was not an easy task! For this reason, Jonathan knew he had to work towards fixing his long debilitating injury. He had struggled with 7mm disc protrusions in 2 locations of his spine in addition to a calcifying disc for the last year. As many of you know, this leads to pain which can only be compared to a hot iron running down the hamstrings – nobody wants that!

As we all look for instant results, it was easy to turn to painkillers and spinal injections. These were all short term solutions rather than permanently fixing the situation. Jonathan has taken the ISOJI mentality to heart and decided to change up his fitness regimen completely. He decided to practice Yoga, visit alternative gyms,  and explore the great outdoors for hiking. By starting slow, Jonathan was able to see more improvement in 2 months with his mobility than a year and a half on pain killers and old ways! It isn’t going to be easy, but the road to recovery is always easier by taking little steps and seeing where yourself cross the finish line.

To have something you’ve never had, you must do what you’ve never done.